Please browse the list of documents and forms.
Members will find printable flyers below.


Membership Application   (one-sided)

Membership Brochure (double-sided) – Outside  Inside

Member Manual – coming 2013

Nat’l Garden Club Brochure

HRGC Publications:

Christmas Floral Workshop Instructions (part I)

2013 Flower Show Schedule

2013 Flower Show Glossary

DIY Projects:

End Of Season Garden Notes – by

Build a Raised Bed Garden –
1)  A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening; FL
    2) Building a Raised Bed Garden; TX    3) Raised Beds For Accessibility    4) High Yield Raised Veg Garden

Birdhouse plans – Before building, you may find the blog post on Birdhouse Basics useful. Following are links to plans for the more popular birdhouses.
1) Blue Bird/Tree Swallow  2) Purple Martin House   3) Wood Duck   4) E. Screech Owl/Kestral    5) Barred Owl   6) Barn Owl   7) Chickadee/Nuthatch/Wren 

Make A Mason Bee House – EZ to make of old or new lumber and other recycled objects. Mason bees don’t sting and don’t make honey, but they are prolific native pollinators!  Become a bee landlord! Another more in-depth bee house publication. Find design inspiration from these many bee condo pictures.

Make Your Own Mason Bee Paper Tubes  by Randy Person. Disposable tube liners improve the health of your bee condo.

Bat House Instructions – Bats are beneficial and often maligned creatures. A part of a healthy ecosystem, they eat huge quantities of insects which can plague people and plants. Watching their nightly aerial acrobatics is a pleasure. And homes are often in short supply for bats. Their populations are declining around the world, often because of disappearing habitat.
1) How to succeed with a bat house    2) Bat House Plan   3) Nursery House Plan   4) Attracting Bats   5) Building Mount    6) Pole Mount

Position Papers of the FFGC:

These Position Papers have been developed to aid in civic activism. Consistent with FFGC’s Mission Statement, relating to significant environmental and conservation issues of relevance to members and to society. These Papers may be used to reinforce your advocacy, demonstrating the support of FFGC’s 15,000 members.

Supports Clean Water

Supports Clean Air

Conserves Native Plants

Invasive Species

Aquatic Ecosystems

Florida State Parks

National Parks


Meet The Members Flyer

Website QR Code Flyer

NGC Love_and_Learn_Flyer

NGC Garden Club Invitation


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