Roadside Clean Up

Florida’s natural charm can easily be marred by roadside litter. From its inception, Homosassa River Garden Club has aimed to preserve the natural beauty of the Homosassa River and it’s environs. One way we do so, is through continued commitment to the Adopt-A Highway Program. Road litter is a not only unsightly, it’s also harmful. A significant percentage ends up as river pollution, more so in times of high water. Plastic breaks down into hundreds of fragments that scatter far and wide. Wild animals will eat cigarette butts and get tangled in discarded trash. Tires hold water and breed mosquitoes, potentially spreading disease. The environment is harmed by litter and it makes our surroundings ugly, a form of visual pollution in itself.

HRGC adopted Spring Cove Road, in Homosassa. This road was heavily littered, close to several waterways and home to a concerned member. It has improved over time and we remain committed to making this corner of the world, a better place. We’ve labored to show community pride and make a positive statement for a clean and attractive community.

On average, there’s one piece of litter per foot, for all U.S. roadways. Research has shown that trash attracts trash and when a community is clean, it tends to stay clean. The best way to stop litter, is to choose not to litter. Make the commitment now, to join with thousands of others to not be a litter-bug. Then, we encourage you to spread the word about the neglected issue of litter and it’s hazards. If you’d like to also help us take out the trash, contact us about the next removal day.

To understand the many elements of litter read more here.

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Keep America Beautiful’s 2009 National Visible Litter Survey and Litter Cost Study identified individual behavior as the primary contributor to litter in all locations.  Individuals are littering on roads and highways and in retail, recreational, and residential locations:

Roadway Litter – Tobacco products, mostly cigarette butts, are the most littered item on U.S. roadways (38%).  This is followed by paper (22%) and plastic (19%).  Most of the litter on roads and highways is caused by people.  Research shows that littering along roadways is generated by the following individual actions:

– Motorists (52%)
– Pedestrians (22.8%)
– Improperly covered truck or cargo loads, including collection vehicles (16.4%)
– Improperly secured containers, dumpsters, trash cans or residential waste or recycling bins (1.5%)


Annually, worldwide cigarette butt litter amounts to 1.69 billion pounds. Recently, a new alternative to trashing this mountain of cigarette butts was developed. It’s called the  Cigarette Waste Brigade, and will allow individuals and groups to collect cigarette waste, print a prepaid shipping label and then mail the cigarettes to be turned into new products – such as shipping pallets, railroad ties, plastic lumber and ash trays.


Homosassa River Garden Club Adopt A Highway


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