2017 Arbor Day

This Saturday we will be having our annual Arbor Day tree giveaway at a new location. The Homosassa Walmart  at Hwy 19 & Cardinal Dr, will be the new south location, while the Publix at Hwy 19 & Halls River will stay as our north Homosassa location. Distribution starts at 9:30 am, while supplies last.

This year’s selection is the Blackgum aka Black Tupelo tree (Nyssa sylvatica). Considered as one of the top 5 shade trees in America, it puts on a colorful fall display and is a highly valued bee tree, being a source for the tasty Tupelo Honey. Female trees will produce a small fatty fruit in early fall, that is very beneficial to birds and mammals seeking high energy foods for the winter.

Full sun to part shade
Moderate moisture with some tolerance for drier soils
Growth rate:>12″-24″ per year
Zones 4b-9b

photo by Famartin

photo by Famartin



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