Butterfly Gardening Presentation


We are participating in The Homosassa Wildlife State Park’s  Bee & Butterfly Month, by bringing a display on butterfly gardening. The basics of butterfly gardening are very simple:

  • Reduction or elimination of insecticides.
  • Plant Nectar Plants for the adult butterflies.
  • Plant Host Plants for the caterpillars.
  • Have patience.

Our display expands upon this, with some tips on providing a butterfly/bee bath, attracting amazing moths, plants that can hurt your butterfly garden, helping the imperilled Monarch butterflies, and how to garden without pesticides. You can find this information here on our site, on the Butterfly Garden page. Much of butterfly gardening is also beneficial to native bees & honey bees. So, you score a lot of pollinator points!

The Park itself will be hosting workshops on butterflies & bees. The programs are free and will be held in the Florida Room, by the main lobby of the Visitor Center on Hwy 19, in Homosassa. The Butterfly Program is this Friday (Aug 7th) at 1:30PM, where you can learn about creating habitat and Florida Friendly butterfly plants. Then on Friday Aug 21st, at 1:30PM you can learn about honey bees in Florida.



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