Healthy Roots and Healthy Trees


Trunk to root zone area.

Today, Arbor Day is observed in Florida, and Saturday our Club will be giving away trees. Because of the frequent freezes and dry weather, we usually recommend potting and protecting the saplings until February or March. Yet now is also a great time to think about your established trees. At the link below you will find valuable information on how tree root zones work and how you can prevent damage to them. If the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best is today – then take a moment this Arbor Day to appreciate your older tree, and plant a free tree the following day!


Read here: Healthy Roots and Healthy Trees.

PS: Remember that mulch is a great thing for conserving moisture and moderating soil temperature, however DO NOT pile mulch next to a tree trunk. It promotes trunk rot, encourages pests and cuts off the oxygen exchange at the base of the tree. Leave a buffer of bare soil between the tree and the mulch.





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