Events This Month

November brings lots of activity as Homosassa Garden Club, has returned to business after the summer break.

Veterans Day brings our club together at Stage Stand Cemetery on the 11th, for a ceremony to honor the contributions of the nation’s Armed Forces. After the ceremony we’ll walk the grounds and place flags at the graves of military personnel. Anyone may come and participate.

Veterans Day is also commemorated by free entry for all, to State and Federal Parks. This is a perfect time of year to stop and enjoy the natural treasures that Florida contains. Florida State Parks waive entry fees on Monday the 11th & National Parks will do so the whole weekend, Nov 9-11.

November 13th is the day of our Litter Patrol on Spring Cove Rd in Homosassa. We welcome any extra volunteers, no experience necessary and we provide the equipment.

November 16th brings our newest event – The Stage Stand Cemetery Tour. To showcase the history of our community and our ongoing restoration project at the cemetery, we’ll hold a walking tour of the grounds, with speakers who’ll introduce you to some of the past residents who occupy the cemetery.

And on November 18th, we’ll have our monthly meeting of the Garden Club at the Homosassa Wildlife Park, with refreshments and program on Bromeliads. Open to the public.

Please come join us for any or all of the events. We look forward to seeing you!



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