Free Kindle Books – For PC Too distributes free e-books every day of the week. These selections are for a limited time only, sometimes just the one day, sometimes more.  You can always look them up for yourself every day, but here are a few I know of for today. Click on the images below.

Don’t forget that you need not have a Kindle to read these books! Below the Buy It button, there is a link “Available on your PC.” Click that link to load Amazon’s Kindle For PC program. After that, you can read all these e-books on your home computer.

Vertical Gardening & Container Gardening

In this illustrated guide you’ll learn how to grow practically anything almost anywhere inside or outside by going up, rather than across large spans of land.


Raised Bed Intensive Garden

A book dedicated to growing as much food at home as possible with the least amount of space and effort. Flowers, too.


Greenhouse Grapes

A concise illustrated guide to growing desert grapes in an unheated greenhouse in a temperate climate.


How to prune a tree

Fear not! Pruning a tree isn’t that difficult at all. This guide will explain the basics and show how to do it.


Vegetable Gardening For Food Production

This book’s purpose is to provide you with the essential information to grow a productive garden to put food on the dining table.


Gardening Tips And Advice

The book packed with expert garden advice, tips and inspiration.


How To Grow Bedding Plants

The purpose of this book is to provide you with good inexpensive bedding plants for your garden. This method can be used for any plant from your flower needs to the finest tomato plant. You can start any plant from seed with this method. The book takes you from zero information on growing bedding plants to having the plants in your garden.


Caring For Your Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

If you have bought or been given a bonsai tree as a present, the chances are that it will be a Chinese Elm. This book will provide all the basic care information required for these amazing trees,




If you also do any shopping on Amazon, please use this link Amazon, or the one on our home page. Amazon donates a percentage of the sales to the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, at no cost to you. Every little contribution counts, so please pass the link on to friends and family.

Image courtesy of goXunuReviews


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