LIVE Class on Rain Irrigation

rain barrel

Tucked away in nearby Brooksville, Green World Path is a rapidly growing company specializing in organic fertilizers, organic pesticides and horticultural equipment. They work hard to bring awareness to less toxic methods and the benefits of treating plants as a whole system. On Thursdays, they hold a class at their facility and they have started broadcasting the classes LIVE on the internet. Follow the link below to watch the class. This week’s class is:

Irrigation and Rain Collection Design

Free Class: December 6, 2012 6PM to 7PM
Guest Speaker: 
David Whitwam from Whitwam Organics

David from Whitwam Organics would like to share with you the best methods to efficiently collect rain water, irrigate your plants, preserve the water supply and hopefully lower your utility bill. So rather than watching the rain drain off your roof into an isolated area or run down your driveway into the street,truly become sustainable. This is a fantastic class for preserving a precious natural resource, while saving money at the same time!

Go to the site early and you can watch a recorded video of a prior class on soil building.

Click Image For Link To The Broadcast

If you’d like to take part in person, here is a Map to their office and classroom.


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