LIVE Class on Recyclable Gardening



Tucked away in nearby Brooksville, Green World Path is a rapidly growing company specializing in organic fertilizers, organic pesticides and horticultural equipment. They work hard to bring awareness to less toxic methods and the benefits of treating plants as a whole system. On Thursdays, they hold a class at their facility and they have started broadcasting the classes LIVE on the internet. Follow the link below to watch the class. This week’s class is:

Recyclable Gardening

Free Class: November 29, 2012 6PM to 7PM
Guest Speaker: 
Green World Path’s own Cliff Barnes

Learn how to use recyclable materials to create a lush garden. This class offers out of the box thinking and will promise to be loads of fun. Have you ever seen a great looking garden made from egg shells, soup cans, empty coke bottles and yogurt containers? This class will be educational and especially “green” by using everyday items, saving time, money and the environment.
Go to the site early and you can watch a recorded video of last week’s class on soil building.

Click Image For Link To The Broadcast

If you’d like to take part in person, here is a Map to their office and classroom.


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