Free Kindle Books – For PC Too distributes free e-books every day of the week. These selections are for a limited time only, usually just the one day. You can always look them up for yourself every day, but here are a few I know of for today. Click on the images below.

Don’t forget that you need not have a Kindle to read these books! Below the Buy It button, there is a link “Available on your PC.” Click that link to load Amazon’s Kindle For PC program. After that, you can read all these e-books on your home computer.


Natural, organic gardening practices that encourage the bees, birds and butterflies as well as beneficial insects.

The basics on growing mushrooms at home. Learn the history, the best types, tools needed, and ways to harvest, preserve and store your crop.

Almost everything edible that’s grown in a traditional garden can be grown in containers.

In this volume there are a host of ideas hints and tips covering a less diverse number of features of organic gardening.

How to plant Potatoes, How to grow potatoes, Growing sweet potatoes, Sweet potatoes VS Yams, When to plant potatoes, Growing potatoes in containers, When to harvest potatoes, Freezing potatoes, Storing Potatoes and more!

How to Make Your Own Flower Essences.


If you also do any shopping on Amazon, please use this link Amazon, or the one on our home page. Amazon donates a percentage of the sales to the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, at no cost to you. Every little contribution counts, so please pass the link on to friends and family.

Image courtesy of goXunuReviews


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