Free Kindle books at Amazon distributes free e-books every day of the week. These selections are for a limited time only, usually just the one day. You can always look them up for yourself every day, but here are a couple I know of for today. Click on the images below.





“Here’s the ultimate “Take-You-By-The-Hand” beginner’s manual for creating and managing your own organic garden.”






A short e-book that explains how to extend your season.

*take tomatoes and peppers through a light freeze;
*keep root vegetables alive into the winter months;
*double – sometimes triple – the amount of food you harvest form one plant;
*prevent an unmanageable amount of produce from overloading your kitchen all at one time;
*and more.


If you also do any shopping on Amazon, use the 1st link above, or the one on our home page. Amazon donates a percentage of the sales to the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. Every little contribution counts, so please pass the link on to friends and family.


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