More Free Kindle books at Amazon distributes free e-books every day of the week. These selections are for a limited time only, usually just the one day. You can always look them up for yourself every day, but here are two I know of for today. Click on the images below.

The ‘Gardeners HQ Guide to Growing Garden Annuals’ gives advice on how to plant, sow and look after over 200 different genera of garden annual plants – or perennials that are treated as annuals in the garden). The book is designed with simplicity in mind, with information on each genus such as common names, distribution, where they will grow, when to sow, and how to care for them available at a glance. The book contains over 200 full color photographs allowing the reader to visualize how the plants will look in their garden. 423 pages



Everything you need to know about growing roses organically by the Invisible Gardener. From refractometers to organic fertilizers to natural pest control, rock dust and more! 36 pages




If you also do any shopping on Amazon, use the 1st link above, or the one on our home page. Amazon donates a percentage of the sales to the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. Every little contribution counts, so please pass the link on to friends and family.


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