Planning for Growth

With summer coming to an end and daylight hours getting shorter, now is the time to take stock of your landscape. While everything is lush – or wilted from lack of rain – can you see spots that need filling? Plants that didn’t do so well? An empty spot that is begging for a tranquillity garden, butterfly habitat, water feature or raised veggie bed?

Take notes now. Think about what is missing or maybe even taking over! Maybe you forgot to prune back on time and have leggy plants. Your notations will help to make corrections for next year. Revisit your plans in winter and see if you’re happy with the landscape then, too. Would you like more hardly perennials that don’t need covering? Maybe a well placed evergreen to fill in bare areas?

An excellent way to help make your choices is free guide published by SFWMD. This 110 page book has everything you need and can be downloaded to your computer, or ordered on their site and sent free of charge. Once your neighbours see it, they’ll want one too! SFWMD has many great free publications, so browse their offerings before you finish the order.

There is another landscape handbook from the United Kingdom that may be of interest as well. When we plan for next year’s landscape, we can’t ignore the area beyond our property lines. What will the layout of the community look like? This guide covers the design of Kent Downs Area Of Natural Beauty. It reminds us to look at the variety of different landscapes that make an area special and plan on how to preserve them. Anyone interested in county Growth Management should give this a peek.


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