Ortho admits Monarch Butterfly is not a pest!

Today’s news reported that through the diligent efforts of one man, Ortho will remove the image of a Monarch caterpillar from two of it’s insect killers.

David Snow, noticed the image and has brought it to the attention of the company and the public for several months. Monarchs have suffered drastic reductions, by as much as 80% over the last 15 years. Hopefully, Ortho’s small mistake, will help bring attention to this large problem.

To learn about Monarch migration, visit Journey North.

For more information on insect conservation, visit The Xerces Society.

For information on starting a Monarch Waystation garden, visit Monarch Watch.

For a handy dandy tool to ID a bug in your yard, try the BugFinder.

Cocoon to Butterfly

Purple Milkweed, native to our area.


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