4th Of July- Food Independence

Happy Independence Day!!patriotic dessert

This important holiday is perfectly timed to take off from work, enjoy the best Summer offers and is synonymous with backyard cookouts. There is an inexplicable quality, to going out in the garden and harvesting something to put on your table. Wouldn’t it have been great, to have a lush garden to pick though and add to the BBQ? Much like the old Victory Gardens, there is a growing movement for “Food Independence.” With the fact that grocery stores have only about a three day supply of food, any shipping disruption will cause extreme hardship on many. Those hot dogs and brats on the grill have a one in three chance of coming from Iowa. Got potato salad? Half of our spuds come from only two states. Agriculture has become intensely concentrated in geography and variety. Multiple plant varieties offer a wider gene pool and more resistance to pathogens. An outbreak of disease could severely cripple the mono-crop system we currently use. And growing your own, lets you decide what size and flavor vegetable you eat. You can often know your grower if you buy local and get the most nutritional value from food fresh from the farm. Food is freedom! Be a Patriot, grow a tomato!

Florida’s two season garden schedule can be confusing. Here’s a handy planting guide to help, Florida Vegetable Garden Guide.


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